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Liquid Courage "Born to Shred" Smokey Ski Sauce

Liquid Courage "Born to Shred" Smokey Ski Sauce

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Rise & Alpine's original hot sauce recipe. 

Born To Shred was born in basement and unleashed on Blackcomb in 2022. It's not your typical gourmet nonsense; this is the kind of sauce that laughs in the face of flavour sophistication. Born to Shred doesn't do delicate - it's a bold slap across the face that will send your taste buds rag dolling down the mountainside. The smokey undertones are rocket fuel for skiers and the secret to stomping the wildest sends. 

Don't be fooled by its pocket sized charm; one small sip packs a punch hotter than hanging out with a habanero in a sauna. Some say it makes hard pack feel like powder, others say it tastes like a donkey's flaming butthole. But, who cares about flavour, it's all about fun. Nothing gets a gondola going like passing around a bottle of Born to Shred. 

Join the whackiest skiers in the west as we say no to'Big Energy' and trade caffeine and unnatural ingredients for Liquid Courage. 

Stomach ulcers have never felt so good!




Ingredients: Habanero Peppers, Vinegar, Bell Peppers, Onions, Cucumbers, Spices, Kosher Salt, Natural Liquid Smoke 

Ingrédients: Poivre Habanero, Vinaigre, Poivre Bell, Oignons, Concombres, Èpices, Sel Kasher, Fumée Liquid Naturelle 




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